Bigfoot T-Shirt: Explained

The artist Bigfoot, became a Vegetarian and later a Vegan inspired by Mike Vallely’s Barnyard Skateboard in 1989. In 1994 he began writing “Bigfoot” and his art has always depicted the conflict between respect for nature and the destructive agenda of humans. A frequent traveler to Japan, in 2013 he used a card with the words featured on this T-Shirt in Japanese to help communicate his dietary restrictions while visiting Japan. Later, he made this collage as a social media image and then did a small run of T-Shirts. It quickly became Mike’s favorite T-Shirt to wear (as he is a huge fan of Bigfoot’s art) and he felt strongly about it being a part of our first line of T-Shirts. It’s a true honor for us to work with Bigfoot.

Bigfoot T-Shirt
Normally $28.00
On Sale For $20.00
You save $8.00 (29%)!
- 100% organic cotton
- Slim fit/Unisex
- Made 100% in Southern California
- 10% of profit goes to animal welfare charities.
- No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this shirt.
- Please note: Sleeves are rolled in photo. This t-shirt is natural/off white with a dark green graphic.
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