Peace Pilgrim T-Shirt: Explained

Inspired by the Peace Pilgrim herself, the Please Don’t Eat My Friend’s Peace Pilgrim T-Shirt pays Homage to Mildred Lisette Norman Ryder, who for 28 Years (starting in the early 1950’s) and for over 25,000 Miles, walked for Peace, back and forth across the United States. Traveling penniless and without any organization, she walked until given shelter and fasted until given nourishment. Her message was a simple one: Overcome evil with Good, hatred with Love and falsehood with Truth. To do this, she said, various stages of Maturity must be reached, starting with the Self: Inner Peace first, then Peace will be attainable among Individuals, the Community, the Nation and the World. She was an American Saint who transcended all national, religious, or sectarian bonds to communicate Love, Understanding and Integrity.

Let us All take up this Pilgrimage, in our own way, and follow the footsteps to our own Hearts, and like Mildred, make our T-Shirts a Billboard for who we are, and the Journey that we are on.

This t-shirt is navy blue and made in the USA.

Peace Pilgrim T-Shirt
- Slim fit/Unisex
- Made in the USA
- 10% of profit goes to animal welfare charities.
- No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this shirt.
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